Trinity-Pawling Hockey’s 2017-2018 season was filled with firsts. It was the first time T-Pride hockey won the Founders League Championship and the first time the team qualified for the New England Large School Tournament. It was also the first season Trinity-Pawling integrated PlaySight technology, making them the first school to practice and play on a SmartRink.

Located in Pawling, New York, Trinity-Pawling is a college-preparatory boarding and day schools for boys in grades 7-12 and postgraduates. Every student at the school is a scholar-athlete, no matter their skill level, as a part of the Trinity-Pawling Pride. Not to mention, Trinity-Pawling also competes in one of the most competitive athletic leagues in the nation, The Founders League, which is comprised of selective Northeast college prep schools to prepare students for the next level.

In the 2017-2018 school year, Trinity-Pawling integrated PlaySight for basketball, football, lacrosse, squash, and hockey. Though each coach used the video and player development app to their advantage, the hockey program has a story unlike the rest.

Hockey coaches, Bobby Ferraris and Chris Gillman, readily incorporated PlaySight in their coaching routines. Read below to learn how the technology helped with time management and positively impacted their coaching style to get their team their first Founders League title:

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“We’re able to take advantage of all the features of PlaySight. But when you couple that with being able to break down and code a game, and be able to have students access it, for us to be able to use it in real time, we actually might use it more than anyone else that I know. We find it makes our jobs not only easier, but better. We enjoy our jobs more because of PlaySight.” — Bobby Ferraris
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“[Before PlaySight] after a game, we would spend probably 3-4 hours just breaking down a film. Whereas [with] PlaySight, when we come back after the game – it’s all there for us. I don’t have to download, upload, edit, I just take it and send full tapes to kids.” — Chris Gillman
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“In our world [at Trinity-Pawling], we [as a faculty] are doing eight different jobs all encompassed in one job. Being able to run through that video just that much quicker is so helpful.” — Chris Gillman
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“It’s also helped us in terms of preparation for practices and games because we have everything stored in our drive and are able to reproduce it before a game.” — Chris Gillman
“It’s instant change. And guys have even changed their stride mid-game, the way they hold their stick mid-game, just based off the film we showed.” — Chris Gillman
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“Not to mention, we’re sending double the amount of film to colleges that we normally would, we’re not just sending game film. We can literally break down every shift, every practice, every skill session so that college coach is seeing every aspect of the athlete as opposed to just the good shifts he has over the 60 minutes of the game.” — Chris Gillman
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