MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS  (December 8th, 2020) Tufts University joins 7 other New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) programs by adding PlaySight’s Smart AI and connected camera sports video technology to its squash program. The Jumbos coaches are excited to be able to connect with the university’s global following, since so many of its squash team members are international, both on the men’s and women’s side.

“We felt that Playsight was the best product on the market due to its ability to offer both live streaming and high-level video analysis.”

Student-athletes across campus will soon benefit from PlaySight’s PRO video and performance platform and the college’s student body, family, parents and alumni will be able to tune in and follow the Jumbos through PlaySight’s live streaming and automated production capabilities around the world. Other NESCAC programs counting with PlaySight technology include Trinity College, Hamilton College, Middlebury College, Colby College, Bates College and Bowdoin College.

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“Many of our players are from California, India, and Malaysia so it is imperative that their families can still watch them play even when they can’t fly to Boston to attend the match live,” said Joseph Raho, Head Men’s and Women’s Squash Coach. “I think live streaming will be the most important feature that we offer. Player’s families and our Tufts Squash alumni will be so grateful that we now have this technology so they can continue to enjoy watching the Tufts men’s and women’s teams play even when they are thousands of miles away.”

The Jumbos are also looking to PlaySight to improve their video capabilities across the board, from real-time coaching to recruiting. “We felt that Playsight was the best product on the market due to its ability to offer both live streaming and high-level video analysis. Recording matches and practice will be equally critical from a coaching standpoint,” said Raho. “It is one thing to tell a student how to swing or what shot to play but when you can pause, rewind and look at a decision, or movement, or shot from every angle then you can be so much more effective with your instruction.” Raho continued. “From a recruiting standpoint, it is not a resource that every squash player has been able to use as an up-and-coming player so this can be a major incentive to come to our program so you can use this technology to further your game.”

PlaySight’s Smart sports AI video platform is connecting sports all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, teams, colleges and sports facilities utilize PlaySight each and every day for automated production live stream broadcasts, multi-angle video recording, performance analysis, content monetization and much more.

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