PlaySight’s Smart sports technology will soon be arriving on campus for McGill’s basketball and volleyball athletes and coaches to utilize in practices, matches and games.

PlaySight makes courts, fields, gyms and rinks Smart by installing high-performance AI software and connected camera technology. Once installed, SmartCourts provide several benefits to athletes, coaches, teams and fans, from automated HD broadcast live streaming and advanced coaching tools to instant replay video and a content platform to store, manage and share video, statistics and analytics.

McGill University becomes the third USPORTS program to add PlaySight, joining Acadia University and the University of Saskatchewan. Other leading sports facilities in Canada are also equipped with SmartCourts, and PlaySight has been working with top young tennis players and Tennis Canada for the past three years. McGill has a very rich sporting tradition – in fact, the sport of basketball was invented by an alum of the school, Dr. James Naismith, in 1891.

McGill’s Manager of Varsity Sports, Lisen Moore:

“Pairing PlaySight with our expert coaching staff will enhance the skill acquisition of our student-athletes and allow them to maximize their potential. We are also excited to realize the immediate benefits that this innovative tool will have on our teams’ future performances.”

Top athletes and teams around the sporting world are already training and playing with PlaySight, including the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors, several leading NCAA basketball programs, including the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University, and close to 70 other NCAA programs across tennis and other sports.

McGill’s coaches are excited to get their hands on PlaySight technology. In talking with them, several reoccurring themes came up – gaining a competitive advantage and capturing video seamlessly.

Redmen Basketball Head Coach, Dave DeAveiro:

“PlaySight will allow our coaching staff to break down video in real time in both games and practices. We’ll be able to analyze our players and systems like never before. In such a competitive field, gaining any edge is important. PlaySight will give us that.”

Martlets Volleyball Head Coach, Rachele Beliveau:

“PlaySight will be very helpful and increase the learning capacity. We already use the video for games but have not used it for practice other than using an iPad. I do believe that it will really help our athletes.”

Martlets Basketball Head Coach, Ryan Thorne:

“PlaySight provides us with the opportunity to capture practice and game footage in the most efficient manner. In such a competitive conference, gaining any edge is important, and we hope to benefit from all that PlaySight has to offer.”

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