Trinity-Pawling became the first PlaySight ‘SmartSchool’ back in 2017 after installing our technology across their entire athletic campus. Their coaches and athletes used PlaySight last season in ice hockey, squash, basketball, soccer, football and lacrosse.

We recently made the trip to Pawling, New York (also the filming location of the hit movie A Quiet Place) to check in on the school and to see how the technology is helping their players, coaches and teams in practices and games. The Pride compete in the Founders League and have competitive programs across the board.

Headmaster William Taylor has already seen the PlaySight impact after just one year, focusing on the recruitment and student experience.

From an overall school marketing perspective, we knew that this was going to enhance our athletic program in significant ways and that this would allow us to do our job at even a higher level. We knew that we would be able to attract student athletes who wanted to take advantage of this technology. When students come and they’re looking at Trinity-Pawling, we make sure we talk about PlaySight. It is yet another opportunity that they will have to allow their experience here to be that much more transformational.


We also talked to most of their sports coaches, including the three from the hockey team – who won their league title this past season. Head coach Bobby Ferraris (a former pro player and college coach) was thrilled with the early returns from PlaySight.

We’re able to take advantage of all the features of PlaySight. We find it makes our jobs not only easier, but better. We enjoy our jobs more because of PlaySight. Because I was a college coach for a dozen years, and I was able to play some professional sports, [I know] the visual aspect is so much more important for this age group.
Assistant coach Chris Gillman loves being able to help his players with their college recruitment at a higher level.
We’re sending double the amount of film to colleges that we normally would, and we’re not just sending game film. We can literally break down every shift, every practice, every skill session so that college coach is seeing every aspect of the athlete as opposed to just the good shifts he has over the 60 minutes of the game.


Basketball coach Rachel Kellogg quickly embraced the technology, especially during practices with her players.

I would say that today’s athlete is definitely hooked on technology… even our most active athletes. It’s imperative for them to be able to put out what they have shown and what they have been able to accomplish. I think having something like PlaySight and giving them that opportunity to share is imperative to them today. [PlaySight] gives me that ability to communicate with [students] even more. To give them that opportunity to show them not only their negatives, but their positives. I think that PlaySight absolutely helps them improve their skills.