Changing streaming destinations

Smartcourt Live Streaming

By default your smart court is configured to stream to PSSN – PlaySight Sports Network. When streaming to PSSN you enjoy all the benefits of our advanced OTT capabilities, including content monetization, public media channel, multi angle video player and more,.

However, on some occasions you might want to stream out side of the PlaySight network and for this we give you full control over you streaming destination platform.

Selecting A new destination for your stream

When starting or scheduling a new session, you will find the Change Platform option, on the second step of the session wizard. Clicking on it will take you to the destinations manager.

Change Platform Https://
Deastination Https://
Destinations List Https://


Click on Change Platform


When you enter the destinations manager you will see the current streaming destination. PlaySight will be selected by default. If you wish to change the streaming destination for a single session make sure the checkbox for keeping PlaySight destination as default is ticked.

When this box is ticked, the selected streaming destination will only  apply to the current session which is being set, any session after this or before (in case of scheduled session), will continue to use PlaySight as a streaming platform.

If this box is unchecked, every session from this session onward will use the selected streaming destination.

Click the Change Platform button in order to select your new destination.


Selecting streaming destination interface allows you to select  any of your previously used destinations or create a new one. PlaySight destination will always be at the top of the list. You can search for your destination by text search or by scrolling down the list.

Create A new destination point

There are 2 ways in which you can create a new streaming destination,
1. From the session wizard while creating or scheduling a new session by clicking on the NEW button above your destinations list (
Dateandtime Https://


Date: Select the date and the start time of your session.

Title, duration and description as described above in the session settings section.


Select session type and streaming / recording modes as described above in the session settings section.


Review your scheduled session summary and save or modify as required.

Scheduled sessions list

Your scheduled sessions appears under the Scheduled section of the broadcast center (1)
Scheduled List Https://

You can filter the list by date range and by courts (2).

Use the editing tools to modify or remove your session.

Cog Wheel Https://  Edit session settings

Info Https:// Session summary info

Delete Https:// Delete session

Continuous session (loop)

A continuous session allows you to record or stream multiple consecutive sessions. This can be applied to a scheduled session or to an immediate session.

When setting up a new session you can select the continuous option if you wish to record / stream more than one session. This may assist you in managing a tournament day with multiple games or any day long activity.

When selecting this option, all sessions within the loop will appear on the scheduled sessions list (except from a currently running session if there is one). From the scheduled sessions list you can modify each one of the sessions individually – including duration or to rename or remove unnecessary slots.