Tel Aviv, Israel [December 14, 2023] – PlaySight Interactive, a leading global sports technology and AI company, is pleased to announce the Expending & Expending partnership with the Israeli Volleyball Federation today. PlaySight’s Smart AI and connected camera technology platform is powering leading volleyball teams, colleges, and organizations globally, and this new collaboration will bring the same pro-level analysis tools and automated production broadcast technology to the Israeli Volleyball Association with a unique combination of Mobile and Fixed solutions.

“We are pleased and proud to launch this new partnership alongside our league teams,” said Zohar Bar –, CEO of the Israeli Volleyball Association. “With PlaySight, we will be able to expand our live stream and broadcast matches with a multi-angle camera solution, and we’re excited to be giving our clubs a technology platform that will improve their on-court development and help to engage and motivate the next generation of volleyball players in Israel.”

The Association will Use PlaySight branded OTT and unique broadcast channel powered by PlaySight technology. “By the end of the year, we will be setting up “Israel Volleyball Evening, ” broadcasting action from most of our league’s venues and allowing our fans across the country and world to watch live broadcasts from all games,” Bar Netzer continued: “Our coaches are also excited about adding real-time video technology through PlaySight so that they can analyze and improve instantly, just like the top athletes and leagues across the world.”

“Technology has the potential to help grow the sport through participation and development,” said PlaySight CEO and Co-Founder Chen Shachar. “We share the Israeli Volleyball Federation’s vision to use innovation and technology to reach more fans, improve its product, and ultimately help the sport grow at both the grassroots and elite levels within the country.”

With its technology, PlaySight turns sports facilities, gyms, fields, hockey rinks, and pools ‘Smart’ by installing high-performance sports AI software and connected camera technology. PlaySight-powered facilities provide athletes, coaches, teams, parents, and fans with automated HD broadcast live streaming, pro-level coaching and performance analysis tools, instant replay, and an on-demand video content platform to access, store, manage, and share video, statistics, and analytics. PlaySight’s flexible platform works across all sports, from tennis and squash to basketball, volleyball, football, lacrosse, hockey, swimming and more.

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About PlaySight Interactive

They were selected twice by Fast Company as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sport. PlaySight is powering the next generation of athletes with its Smart sports AI and connected camera technology platform. PlaySight technology is helping athletes worldwide improve – from the professional ranks through collegiate, high school, and youth sports. Clients include the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, Ohio State University, Duke University, and over 150 other NCAA and NJCAA programs. PlaySight also works with leading federations and organizations, such as the United States Tennis Association’s National Campus, LTA, DTB, FFT, Tennis Australia, Tennis Austria, Tennis Scotland, Belgium & Dutch Basketball League, Franch Hockey Leagues, Chains of Padel and Pickleball around the world, and many more.

About the Israeli Volleyball Federation

The Israeli Volleyball Association (IVA) is a nonprofit organization that manages two Olympic sports – indoor and beach volleyball. With over 5000 registered players playing at 80 clubs across the country, beach volleyball takes place all over Israel, and the IVA supports thousands of teams, creating new sports communities. The IVA Youth Academy for Sport Excellence has operated for the past ten years to promote the next generation of Israeli volleyball.