Playsight launches 2-way Interactive Coaching from Playsight Cameras

January 23, 2024 – Boston, MA – PlaySight, the premier Smart Court technology, and MyJourney Technologies, Inc., My Pickleball Coach App developer, announced a strategic partnership to provide pickleball players with a personal coach directly connected to PlaySight Cameras. PlaySight Cameras installed at Pickleball Clubs in North America automatically record and upload high-quality match films and skill drills to the My Pickleball Coach platform. Once recorded and uploaded, world-class coaches like Collin Johns, Martina Kochli, Zane Navatil, John Cincola, and Jordan Briones analyze players’ skills while providing 1-1 coaching tailored to any player level. Players simply scan a QR code and play to have specific skills improved upon (such as their 3rd shot drop) while also having their provisional DUPR rating calculated from the film.

Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight, said, “PlaySight provides each player a seamless connection of their personal videos to their personal coach, providing key improvement metrics customized to the individual. This partnership with My Pickleball Coach results in an immersive user experience for every pickleball player. The ROI of the relationship is win-win because when players improve, they play more and invite their friends to play – which drives revenue to Pickleball Clubs and Country Clubs, Hotels, and Court Owners.”

Rick Geritz, CEO of MyJourney Technologies, Inc., remarked, “With 35 million people now playing pickleball, the PlaySight/My Pickleball Coach relationship provides a highly scalable and low-cost way for every player to understand their skill level and how to improve, which directly relates to creating their sense of belonging in the sport.”

One of the 10 MyPickleball Coach experiences is the DUPR Assessment Event that allows facilities to simply launch an event where PlaySight fixed or mobile camera records their play that is automatically uploaded to the My Pickleball Coach App. World-class coaches then personally review the players’ skills to produce the player’s baseline DUPR rating. Geritz continues, “Just like the GHIN handicap works in golf, once players get their DUPR score, social members begin transitioning to pickleball, golf and tennis players engage and facility revenues grow.”

The PlaySight/My Pickleball Coach experience is available to indoor and outdoor Pickleball Clubs, Country Clubs, Hotels and pop-up events.

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PlaySight has emerged as a leader in the sports technology marketplace, bringing the most advanced and elite capabilities to all levels of sport all over the world: automated production and live streaming, video replay (VAR), pro-level coaching tools, and a live and on-demand sports OTT channel – the PlaySight Sports Network (PSSN). PlaySight SmartCourt AI technology powers athletes, coaches, teams, and leagues worldwide with its connected camera platform. Its technology is currently used by several major pickleball organizations around the world (such as ACE Pickleball Club, Pickle Rage, Pickleball Kingdom, etc.), the NBA, MLB, NHL, USTA, and across all levels of sport, including in tennis, pickleball, padel, basketball, baseball, hockey, and others. More information is available at

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MyJourney Technologies, Inc., is the developer of the world’s leading Coaching-as-a-Service technology that enables a single coach to provide one-on-one personalized coaching to 1,000’s of concurrent players providing a personal coach to anyone anywhere. MyJourney powers the digital coaching platforms with My Pickleball Coach, TaylorMade Plus and MyJourney Soccer.