February 2, 2024 – Boston, MAPickleRage, a premier indoor pickleball club franchise, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with PlaySight, a global sports technology company. This collaboration marks a significant step in PickleRage’s mission to revolutionize the pickleball experience and expand its footprint with plans to open over 500 Pickleball clubs in the coming years.

PickleRage, known for its commitment to providing an exceptional pickleball experience, has chosen to partner with PlaySight to integrate cutting-edge technology into its clubs. PlaySight’s advanced sports technology solutions will empower PickleRage members and guests to record, review, and livestream their matches, clinics, tournaments, and more.

PlaySight’s CEO Chen Shachar, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with PickleRage in their mission to create an engaging and innovative pickleball experience. PlaySight is committed to enhancing the sports experience through technology, and we look forward to bringing our state-of-the-art solutions to PickleRage clubs.”

PickleRage EVP Marketing Mike Law, speaking on behalf of PickleRage, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “PickleRage is passionate about creating a dynamic and immersive pickleball experience for our members and guests. Partnering with PlaySight, a world-class technology provider, aligns perfectly with our vision to offer our players the ability to record and live stream their matches, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the sport.”

When asked about the decision to invest in PlaySight, PickleRage emphasized the desire to create an engaging pickleball experience. “PickleRage is passionate about creating an engaging pickleball experience for our members and guests. What better way to do that than to partner with a world-class partner like PlaySight to bring our players the ability to record and live stream their matches?” said a spokesperson from PickleRage.

Law also discussed how PlaySight technology will be implemented, stating, “PickleRage expects to implement PlaySight technology at our clubs to offer our members and guests the ability to record and live stream their matches, clinics, tournaments, and more.”

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The role of video in pickleball and technology in general was also highlighted by PickleRage. “In the last decade, we’ve seen video enhance nearly every aspect of recreational sports – pickleball is no exception. It’s used for player feedback & improvement, replays for tournaments, and with live streaming – we’ll use it to make friends and family feel like they’re watching from the sidelines,” said the spokesperson. “More broadly, technology & innovation are central to PickleRage’s approach to indoor pickleball clubs.”

Law shared the club’s vision for leveraging technology: “Specifically, we want to use it to get our players on the court as fast and efficiently as possible. Everything from court reservation to liability waivers, to member check-in, to club communications – all of these are executed on technology platforms designed so our players can do more of what they love – play pickleball!”

The partnership with PlaySight is expected to enhance the user experience at PickleRage clubs significantly. “We’re excited about our partnership with PlaySight because of the tangible benefits to club members, guests, and teaching pros. We envision players being able to review and monitor their technique, pros being able to record lessons and clinics, and club tournaments being live-streamed for family and friends,” said Law. “We also would love to integrate a live stream through our website so the outside world can see the wonderful ‘inside’ reality of a PickleRage pickleball club.”

PickleRage prides itself on being “by players, for players,” offering a unique and player-centric experience. “Our courts are designed with clean, clear sightlines. Our courts feature Cushion X courts that allow players to play for hours without joint pain. We offer premium player amenities to our members and guests and – most importantly – we offer world-class player programming, events, and tournaments so that everyone – from pro to novice – can ‘get their rage on’ rain or shine.”

For more information, please visit www.playsight.com.

About PickleRage

PickleRage is a leading indoor pickleball club franchise founded with a mission to provide a superior pickleball experience. By combining cutting-edge technology, player-centric design, and world-class programming, PickleRage aims to revolutionize the way people play and enjoy pickleball.

About PlaySight 

PlaySight is a global sports technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions to enhance the sports experience. With a focus on performance analysis, coaching, and fan engagement, PlaySight’s innovative technology is utilized in various sports to elevate the game for athletes and fans alike.