January 30, 2024 – Boston, MA – PlaySight (www.playsight.com) and Playbypoint (www.playbypoint.com) are proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership that will enhance the racquet sports experience for players worldwide. This collaboration will seamlessly integrate PlaySight’s cutting-edge video analysis technology with Playbypoint’s innovative court reservation system for racquet sports enthusiasts in the rapidly growing worlds of Pickleball, Padel, and Tennis.

The partnership between PlaySight and Playbypoint will bridge the gap between scheduling court time and capturing your finest moments on the court. By marrying these two innovative platforms, players will benefit from a seamless, automated process where Playbypoint users can reserve their favorite racquet sports court and trigger PlaySight video recording simultaneously.

Key benefits of this exciting partnership include:

  1. Reserve: Players can now easily book their preferred courts through the Playbypoint platform, streamlining the reservation process with an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Record: Upon court reservation, PlaySight’s state-of-the-art video recording technology will be automatically triggered, capturing every serve, rally, and match point.
  3. Watch: After the game, players will receive their video from one or multiple camera angles from PlaySight, enabling them to review, analyze, and improve their performance with the touch of a button. Players will also have the ability to trigger their own automated highlight of their match via PlaySight’s AI computer vision.

PlaySight’s CEO/Co-Founder, Chen Shachar, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Playbypoint to create a seamless racquet sports experience. With the integration of our video technology, players can elevate their game and gain access to invaluable insights into their performance.”

Playbypoint’s CEO/Founder, Andres Robelo, added, “This partnership reinforces our commitment to simplifying the technology for racquet sports enthusiasts. Combining our court reservation system with PlaySight’s automated video system provides an all-encompassing solution that enhances the user experience for Pickleball, Padel, and Tennis clubs worldwide.”

The PlaySight and Playbypoint partnership will undoubtedly reshape the way players engage with racquet sports, making it easier and more rewarding for players to enjoy their favorite sports.

For more information about this partnership and to experience the benefits firsthand, visit www.playsight.com and www.playbypoint.com.

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About PlaySight 

PlaySight SmartCourt AI technology powers athletes, coaches, teams and leagues all over the world with its connected camera platform used for broadcast, instant replay and player development. Its technology is installed on thousands of Pickleball, Padel and Tennis courts around the world (Ace Pickleball Club, Padel Haus, Pickleball Kingdom, USTA) along with hundreds of partners across professional and collegiate sports (NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA). For more info, go to www.playsight.com.

About Playbypoint

Playbypoint is a leading all-in-one management solution for racquet sports like Pickleball, Padel, and Tennis. With its user-friendly interface, Playbypoint simplifies court operations, making it effortless for players to book their preferred courts and enjoy their favorite sports. For more information, please visit www.playbypoint.com.