Boston, MA, Aug 9, 2023 – PlaySight, the leading sports video and analytics platform, is excited to announce its partnership with Scorebird, a leader in digital scoring applications and overlays. This collaboration combines PlaySight’s versatile video platform with Scorebird’s innovative scoring overlays to revolutionize sports viewing.

The integration of PlaySight and Scorebird technologies creates an immersive sports experience that combines real-time scoring information with high-quality video coverage. Users can access live and on-demand video content from various sports events, accompanied by visually appealing and informative scoring overlays.

By partnering with Scorebird, PlaySight aims to enhance fan engagement, provide coaches and athletes with advanced video analysis tools, and deliver a comprehensive and visually captivating product that transforms sports consumption.

“This partnership with Scorebird allows us to bring cutting-edge technology to the world of sports and provide an unparalleled viewing experience,” said Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight.

“We are excited to merge our technologies and supercharge the way sports are enjoyed,” added Ian Woodward-Smith, President of Scorebird.

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About PlaySight Interactive

PlaySight is a leading sports video and analytics platform that connects athletes, coaches, teams, and sports venues. With high-resolution cameras and advanced AI technology, PlaySight delivers cutting-edge video and performance analysis tools for various sports.

About Scorebird

Scorebird provides live scoring services that allow organizations to utilize their real-time scoring data to drive fan engagement. Data is automatically pulled from the scoreboard, and can be placed on livestreams in the form of broadcast overlays, on websites as a virtual scoreboard, or tied into social media accounts to keep fans up to date on the status of the game.