[December 10, 2023] – PlaySight Interactive, a global leader in sports video analysis, and SEE LiveSports, a premier marketing solutions provider, have forged a strategic partnership poised to redefine the sports landscape across the Balkans.

This collaboration merges PlaySight’s cutting-edge technology in video analysis with SEE LiveSports’ expertise in marketing, promising an unparalleled digital, video, and marketing solution for Balkan sports clubs and organizations.

Vladimir Džodžo, CEO of SEE LiveSports, expressed enthusiasm about this groundbreaking alliance: “Our partnership with PlaySight marks a significant leap forward for Balkan sports. We are committed to leveraging our marketing proficiency alongside PlaySight’s innovative technology to empower sports clubs, creating an immersive experience for fans while driving growth for the entire sports ecosystem in the region.”

Chen Shachar, CEO of PlaySight Interactive, echoed this sentiment: “Teaming up with SEE LiveSports aligns with our mission to revolutionize sports technology. By combining our expertise, we aim to provide Balkan sports clubs with a comprehensive suite of tools, enabling them to excel in performance analysis, engage fans, and attract valuable partnerships.”

The collaboration between PlaySight Interactive and SEE LiveSports is set to offer Balkan sports clubs:

  • Advanced video analysis tools for performance enhancement
  • Comprehensive marketing strategies to bolster visibility and community engagement
  • A holistic digital solution tailored for success in the competitive sports arena
  • This partnership signifies a new era of innovation and growth for Balkan sports, promising exciting opportunities for clubs and organizations in the region.

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About SEE LiveSports

SEE LiveSports is a leading marketing solutions provider dedicated to empowering sports organizations with impactful marketing strategies, elevating their brand presence and fan engagement.

About PlaySight Interactive

PlaySight Interactive is a global sports technology company revolutionizing the sports industry through cutting-edge video analysis and performance enhancement tools for athletes, coaches, and sports organizations. More information is available at www.playsight.com.