February 6, 2024 – Troy, ALTroy University is thrilled to announce its partnership with PlaySight, a leading sports technology company, to integrate the innovative PlaySight GO Mobile streaming product across 12 tennis courts. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in bringing an enhanced viewing experience to fans, friends, and family members worldwide.

PlaySight GO Mobile is a portable streaming solution that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver live and on-demand coverage of tennis matches. With this partnership, Troy University is at the forefront of elevating the tennis experience for its players and supporters, joining the Notre Dame and University of Wisconsin as the latest NCAA tennis program to utilize PlaySight’s portable system.

Mens Tennis Head Coach Rolando Vargas expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “PlaySight has been a great addition to Troy University’s program. It’s a very valuable tool so that family members and friends can follow live streaming anywhere in the world. It also helps our program tremendously when reviewing the saved matches that are very accessible to rewatch. We are enjoying it and cannot wait for our next home match.”

This partnership aligns with Troy University’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art resources and technologies to its athletes, fostering an environment of growth, improvement, and connectivity. PlaySight’s GO Mobile will not only enhance the viewing experience but also serve as a valuable coaching and training tool for the athletes, allowing them to review and analyze matches in-depth.

The PlaySight platform enables coaches, players, and fans to access live and recorded match footage, offering an unprecedented level of engagement and insight into the game. The accessibility of live streaming ensures that supporters worldwide can stay connected with Troy University’s tennis program, creating a global community around the team.

As the partnership unfolds, Troy University and PlaySight look forward to pushing the boundaries of innovation in sports technology and enhancing the overall experience for players, coaches, and fans alike.

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