RICHMOND, VA — [December 3, 2023] – In a groundbreaking move to enhance the University of Richmond’s tennis program, the university has announced its partnership with PlaySight, a leading sports technology company specializing in streaming, replay, and coaching video services. Following the successful integration of PlaySight in the basketball arena and practice facility, Richmond tennis is now set to benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

Assistant Coach Jacob Dunbar expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “We have an amazing group of supporters, including parents, alumni, and fans. But they are spread across the United States as well as many other countries. Being able to live stream matches, allowing them to watch and follow along with our success in a much more meaningful way was at the forefront of our decision. That along with all the replay and analytical capabilities that will help our players develop made it something we felt like we had to do for the betterment of our program.”

The partnership with PlaySight opens up a realm of possibilities for the University of Richmond’s tennis program, enabling live streaming of matches to connect with supporters worldwide. Coach Dunbar emphasized the impact on the fanbase, stating, “It’s huge (PlaySight). This is the thing we’ve wanted for a long time. It gives us an opportunity to touch base with our fans and supporters all across the world. And at a school like ours where the student body is small, it really starts to make our support system feel much larger.”

With a focus on the technical and strategic aspects of tennis, PlaySight’s features provide invaluable tools for player development. Coach Dunbar highlighted, “Tennis is both a technical and strategy-based sport. Video replay allows players to see their mistakes and form rather than simply going off of feel. This lets us really get to the bottom of any technical issues and dive deep into how they play and set up points. It takes the guess work out of all of it and allows us to show instead of tell, making better-informed decisions, increasing development.”

The integration of PlaySight into Richmond tennis showcases the university’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art resources for its student-athletes. As the program embraces this technological advancement, it anticipates not only a strengthened connection with its existing fanbase but also an enhanced platform for talent development.

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