Fresh off of their 2019 National Prep School Championship, we sat down with Brewster Academy’s Director of Athletics, Boys’ Varsity Basketball, Matt Lawlor. Matt shared some insights on the team, season, and how they integrated in SmartCourt technology during practices and games.

PlaySight: Matt – what role do you see technology playing in high school sports? Has it changed over the years?

Matt: The role has dramatically increased over the past few years, especially in terms of filming and live streaming.  Most of our varsity level coaches have filmed for several years but PlaySight allowed our sub-varsity coaches to use film as a teaching tool and our coaches and players great grew as a result.  In terms of live streaming, to have PlaySight in our facility, we don’t have to rely on resources such as having the technical knowledge that goes with it. Live streaming was just a touch of a button!

PlaySight: What role does technology and live streaming play on your community?

Matt: We have a big following in basketball in our community and we have some high profile games both with our Prep team and the other programs.  We tend to get the following on campus but it was the parents of our boarding population that really appreciated this product. I had several parents thank us for getting them access to the games throughout the course of the season.

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PlaySight: What would you say to school’s looking to add live streaming and video technology?

Matt: I would emphatically encourage it. PlaySight streaming and video access is a luxury, but also saves tons of time for our staff and coaches.  Of course being able to live stream all home games is great, but for your coaches, the ability to live stream and record a practice is even more important in terms of a teaching tool. Additionally, there are so many more tools that we are hopeful we can use as we learn more.

Brewster Academy even earned the #1 play of the day on ESPN in December, captured by PlaySight: