Dartmouth’s basketball program added PlaySight last year to enhance its video and performance capabilities in practices and games. After the season wrapped up, we talked with Head Coach David McLaughlin to get his take on the season, the role video plays for him as a coach, and how the team benefitted from PlaySight.

How has your first year with PlaySight been?David Mclaughlin 2016 Mw 1 Https://Playsight.com

Our first year with PlaySight has transformed the way our program processes film. The learning curve for our coaching staff was much quicker than we anticipated and we have integrated PlaySight into our daily routine throughout our season.

What role does video play for you as a coach?

Video is an integral part of how we evaluate and teach our team each and every day. This season we implemented a new offensive style and our ability to watch practice as a coaching staff and then with our players from an individual and collective standpoint were huge factors in our success and continued progress. 

What has been your favorite part about PlaySight?

The ease in which you can record and then quickly access film following a practice session or game has made our process much more efficient than our previous system. Multiple video angles, especially in half-court segments have improved our ability to teach our players. 

How did your team incorporate PlaySight into practices and games?

Our team watched some portion of each practice and game we captured through PlaySight. The coaching staff would watch and break down each live segment of practice and then we would show the team points of emphasis the next day. The same process would be take place following a game. The ability to show video on the court during practice was also a huge step forward for our team.


What would you say to a program that is looking at a video technology like PlaySight?

PlaySight streamlines your ability to capture and then efficiently watch film with your team. It not only helps your coaching staff digest the film easier but also makes the process of watching and learning with your players enjoyable and effective.

How was PlaySight and the video received by your players?

Extremely positively. The variety of angles and our ability to show the film both on and off the court really helped engage our players on a daily basis.

How do you plan to utilize PlaySight in the summer?

Evaluating practices and games from the previous season. Categorizing our practice drills and sharing those with our incoming freshmen will also be a way we plan to utilize PlaySight.

Does PlaySight play a role in recruiting?

PlaySight allows us to talk with recruits about how much of an emphasis we place on individual film. This film is a big part of how we can talk discuss our plan for their personal improvement on the court with our coaching staff. This piece is a huge part of our recruiting messaging with recruits and families in person.