“PlaySight’s automated production technology fully aligns with our efforts to lead basketball back to being one of the top sports in Italy.”

BOLOGNA, ITALY (October 12, 2020) – PlaySight is very pleased today to announce a new technology partnership with Serie B, the third tier of the Italian National Basketball League (LNP). Serie B is set to add PlaySight’s Smart AI and automated sports video technology to its basketball teams and facilities for this upcoming season. The league plans to support 16 of its top teams in the first phase of the project, aiming at eventually expanding the technology footprint to 64 teams. The league will benefit from PlaySight’s pro-level automated production, which includes the installation of SmartTracker cameras and SmartScore scoreboard integration technology.

“PlaySight’s automated production technology fully aligns with our efforts to lead basketball back to being one of the top sports in Italy,” said Fabio Manca, the General Manager of LNP Servizi. “For the past three years, we have accomplished key strategic milestones when it comes to improving the league’s endorsements through broadcasting. This ultimately helps us create a better fan engagement experience and most importantly monetize our assests so we can grow and improve the league. PlaySight will take us to the next level by enriching the ways we can deliver content to our fans within our platform, and grow our teams with strong coaching tools, and instant replay.”

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Yuval Baryosef, PlaySight’s Chief Business Development Officer, is excited to see PlaySight’s unique value proposition validated by an increasing number of clubs and leagues globally. “Our key objective is to offer our clients the best AI automated production technology in the market, while providing an eco system of features today’s teams require and remaining within their budget. It is very exciting to be able to ‘power up’ a league and watch the teams, fans, and league raise their success, grow quickly, and reach new goals they never imagined possible.”

PlaySight’s dedicated OTT network channel will provide both the Serie B and each of its individual teams with their own content pipeline, enabling engagement with their fans like never before. Each team – the coaching staff and players – will also be given access to PlaySight’s performance and coaching tools as well as additional fixed cameras on site for real-time video replay and breakdowns. The teams will also be able to utilize PlaySight’s platform with their youth programs PlaySight, which already powers over 100 NCAA programs and 15 NBA and WNBA organizations in North America and a handful of other professional leagues throughout Europe, has proven its technology in both the production broadcast and sports performance industries.

Another key partner is this new technology integration is Crionet, which will use its deep international experience in integrated media solutions to maximize the viewing experience during games, both on and off-site. Crionet’s CCO, Gaetano Guarino is excited to work together with PlaySight again. “PlaySight has been a great long-term partner for us at Crionet, and we look forward to working with them to deliver value to the Serie B and its teams, coaches, athletes and fans.”

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