WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON (November 4th, 2020) PlaySight Interactive, the leading global sports video technology platform, is pleased today to announce a new technology partnership with the Wenatchee AppleSox, a collegiate summer baseball team based out of Wenatchee, Washington. The team plays in the West Coast League’s North Division and plays its home games at the Paul Thomas Sr. Stadium, on the campus of Wenatchee Valley College.

The Wenatchee AppleSox are one of the latest baseball programs to adopt PlaySight technology, and we took some time to catch up with owner Jose Oglesby to learn a little bit more about the organization’s decision to invest in technology now.


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Why did you decide to invest in PlaySight?

“The AppleSox decided to invest in PlaySight to open our fun, family entertainment product up to more people. Not everyone can make it to the ballpark but with PlaySight anyone can enjoy the game from almost anywhere. This includes everyone from casual fans and parents to college coaches and MLB scouts.”


What role does video play in coaching, performance, and marketing?

“Using PlaySight will be a valuable tool for the AppleSox Coaching staff, players and the college coaches that can’t attend the games. Having this high-quality video will be a great tool to learn and coach with.

We wanted to have a cost-effective, performance-ready camera system in place for us to easily utilize for our live streamed games. We’re reaching a time and age where marketing to fans, sponsors, even in recruiting players, it pays to have good quality video. Coaches like the ability to easily find particular game situations. That ability up to now has only been available to large programs.”


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, how do you envision PlaySight helping your organization?

During this pandemic, having PlaySight will allow us to still hold games for our fans and sponsors. It will also help us to reach a new audience of fans that may have never watched an AppleSox game before, increasing our brand and adding value to our sponsors.”


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What role can video and live streaming technology play as sports return with limited or no spectators?

It’s hard to predict the future of live sports, but PlaySight has given us one more option to view the game we enjoy so much.”