If you tune into a PlaySight-powered college tennis match over the next few months, you may notice some changes to your viewing experience. With our new SmartScore technology, we have developed an automated platform that integrates directly with scoreboard technologies used across college tennis.

Not only will you be able to follow along the live streams with full scoring, but additional stats and analysis will be automatically added to many matches as well.

Interactive scoreboard technology

Dual Score Gif Https://Playsight.com

Follow along with your favorite schools and players. The overall dual score will be presented across each individual match live stream as well.

Real-time stats

Video Break Points Won Longname Https://Playsight.com

Interactive and real-time stats will be displayed, including break points won, unforced errors, serve percentages and more.

Set and match summaries

Tennis Set Summary Scaled Https://Playsight.com

These summaries will pop up on the live stream at the end of each set, and will show various stats before the match resumes. Just like you’d see watching a professional tennis match or a Grand Sllam.

Fully mobile analysis tools

Pl Activity Statsscoreboard Https://Playsight.comPl Tennis Events Scoreboard Filter Filtered Https://Playsight.comFilter match video quickly and easily, and gain instant insights into each game and set.

With SmartaScore technology, college programs across the country are now able to give their student-athletes, coaches, parents, alumni and fans another advantage – professional-quality broadcasts and live streams from every home match.

To check out live tennis this season on the PlaySight Network, you can see the full list of schools equipped with live streaming technology here.