“I wanted my recreation basketball experience to be more than just a 60 minute game, one day a week.”

Alan Arlt – Senior Director, Basketball Operations at Life Time


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In this week’s episode of The Edge we talk to the Founder of Ultimate Hoops and current Senior Director of Basketball Operations at Life Time, Alan Arlt.

You may not have heard of Alan before, but chances are you or somebody you know has played in an Ultimate Hoops league. Alan shared his story with us, including:

His own basketball career
The mission of Ultimate Hoops and how it came to be
How Ultimate Hoops and Life Time are navigating through the current social distancing measures
The role technology plays recreational basketball players


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On this Episode

On how Ultimate Hoops differentiated themselves:

“We didn’t want to make our league experience a one day or a week experience. We want our training to be a full seven day a week experience as well.”

On what new role technology will take on:

If we’re going to see however long the social distances things play out. Bringing a virtual experience and video experience to a lot of competitions, not just basketball is a big opportunity for PlaySight and other companies… for them to really showcase the technology and deliver sports events in a different way that hasn’t been delivered before.”