Hartford, CT (February 23rd, 2018) – Trinity College is becoming the latest collegiate athletic program to add PlaySight’s Smart technology to its athletic facilities across several sports – hockey (SmartRink), squash (SmartCourt), basketball and volleyball (SmartCourt). PlaySight technology is powering over 50 NCAA programs across all three divisions, including Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth and Princeton.

Squash Coach Paul Assaiante:

“Technology is the new frontier in sport. The ability to give athletes meaningful and instantaneous feedback allows for immediate and long-term improvement. Athletes often cannot “feel” what is happening, and the ability to “see” what is happening, can make all the difference in one’s development. We are excited to be a “smart” school and incorporate PlaySight in our day-to-day work.”

Trinity Director of Athletics Drew Galbraith:

“This partnership will provide a tremendous boost to a significant number of Trinity student-athletes and coaches. Using PlaySight’s technology will allow the type of learning, growth and development that all athletes strive for and help Bantam athletes and teams reach their potential.”

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