The Chicago Sky were the first WNBA organization to partner with PlaySight, joining numerous NBA, NHL and MLB organizations that use Smart technology in their practices and for performance. General Manager and Head Coach James Wade shared some thoughts after one season with PlaySight technology.

What went into the decision to invest in PlaySight technology?

Wade: We wanted to both focus on and work on how we practice because we knew that it would correspond to how we played.

What role does video play for the Sky and as a basketball coach?

Wade: We get to look at things we do well and we don’t do well. We often use it at as a tool for player development as well. We analyze as much practice film as we do game film.

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How did the management and coaching staff respond to PlaySight?

Wade: Everyone loves it because it confirms or gives us a reality to what we are seeing during practice. The players respond well to it because they enjoy seeing themselves and what they do good or bad during practices. It also gives us a new level of importance of our practices.

Any specific examples of video helping in a practice scenario?

Wade: When we had a few players come late to training camp and we hadn’t played any games, we pulled film from us going through our sets. It was very beneficial from a time perspective.

What is your favorite PlaySight system feature?

Wade: The ability to see the court from different angles.