Litchfield, Connecticut (July 24, 2019) – The Forman School is becoming a SmartSchool this summer with the addition of PlaySight’s technology platform across basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, wrestling and more. Forman School’s coaches and student-athletes will soon benefit from PlaySight’s pro-level video and performance tools, and the school’s student body, family, parents and alumni will be able to tune in and follow the Lions through PlaySight’s live streaming and automated production capabilities. Forman School joins a number of other NEPSAC programs with PlaySight, including the Pomfret School, Kent School, Trinity-Pawling, Brewster Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall and the Hotchkiss School.


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Forman School Athletic Director Scott McCarty ‘76 is looking forward to the PlaySight impact on Forman athletics and school as a whole. “The athletic program is a very important part of our School – it always has been and always will be because we have great support from our Headmaster Adam K. Man. We like kids to be successful in athletics at Forman.”

The live streaming and broadcasting components of PlaySight are important for the School, as well. “I thought that it was really important for our parents to be able to see a game live or on-demand,” said McCarty. “I think, with having families all over the country and world, it will be so great for them to sit in their office chair or sit at home with a computer and see their child play on a more consistent basis. What I love about it is the immediacy that it will bring for families to be involved in their child’s athletics – all the way from varsity to entry-level play. With parents, it’s so important for them to be able to connect.” 

With parents, it’s so important for them to be able to connect.”

McCarty is also excited about the impact PlaySight will have on Forman’s Alumni. “Our alumni are going to now be able to watch our games. We have devoted alumni that were on some really wonderful teams here, and they’ve always wanted to see the kids play. Now, if I can put that out there to them, that they have the option to watch the games – that’s going to be awesome. In talking to some alumni already about what we’re doing and talking to other schools about how their alumni reacted to PlaySight – they said it was terrific.”

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McCarty is appreciative of the investment made by the School. “It’s great that our School stepped forward to do this. It is going to be a powerful tool for admissions, because I can say [to a prospective student], we have a game this afternoon and we’d love to have you watch us play. I’m excited to get into it and make it work.”

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