Want to learn what it is like to work at PlaySight? In our powering PlaySight series, we sit down and talk with people throughout the organization – what they do, why they chose PlaySight, and where they see the company going in the future.

This week, we heard from one of our longest-tenured employees, Yuval Bar Yosef. Yuval is PlaySight’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), responsible for global sales. As mentioned – he’s been with us for a while – since before day one essentially. Yuval was integral in building PlaySight USA – he came over in 2014 and served as North American GM for four years before returning back to the company HQ in Israel.

What sports did you play growing up?

Yuval: I played soccer, basketball, squash and I also swam.

What attracted you to working at PlaySight? 

Yuval: A lot of things. Combining sports and business, building a company from scratch, working with great people, helping to grow sports through technology, and meeting and working with organizations and people in the market.

What is your role at PlaySight?Img 2983 Https://Playsight.com

Yuval: As PlaySight’s CRO, I’m responsible for global sales and business development.

Favorite athlete of all-time?

Yuval: Michael Jordan. The greatest ever.

Favorite team and sport?

Yuval: I am loyal to our early college partners – the University of Georgia, Princeton, Virginia Tech and Cal Berkeley, and specifically their tennis programs. We’ve been working with many of them for four or five years and counting. Early adopters that have played a huge role in our success as a company. My favourite sport is football (American football now that I am back in Israel again).

What is the best part about working at PlaySight?

Yuval: One, the people, and two, the technology. 

Djokovic On Kiosk 3 Https://Playsight.com

Yuval showing Novak Djokovic our SmartCourt technology at the BNP Paribas Open a few years ago.

What has been your favorite experience so far during your time at PlaySight?

Yuval: Signing a deal and working with the Golden State Warriors as our first NBA client – that was a huge thrill. We’re now powering 14 NBA teams with our platform… and counting. As a huge basketball fan, it has been especially rewarding to see our technology tested an validated by the best organizations, coaches and athletes in the world.

Finish this sentence – in five years, PlaySight will…

Yuval: Be a leader in the sports tech market, across all levels.