PlaySight’s Smart sports technology has arrived in Bettendorf, Iowa for the athletes, parents, coaches and sports community at the TBK Bank Sports Complex.

PlaySight makes courts, fields, gyms and rinks Smart by installing high-performance AI software and connected camera technology. Once installed, SmartCourts provide several benefits to athletes, coaches, teams and fans, from automated HD broadcast live streaming and advanced coaching tools to instant replay video and a content platform to store, manage and share video, statistics and analytics.

“The TBK Bank Sports Complex continually strives to be at the forefront of the youth sports experience,” said owner Doug Kratz. “Our facilities, equipment, technology and staff are all aligned to bring superior benefits to visiting players, coaches and families. We quickly recognized how PlaySight will shape the future of our industry and we jumped at the opportunity to outfit our complex with Smart cameras and technology.  We are very excited to offer PlaySight’s extraordinary capabilities to our guests and their families.”

Top athletes and teams around the sporting world are already training and playing with PlaySight, including the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors, several leading NCAA basketball programs, including the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University, and close to 70 other NCAA programs across tennis and other sports.

PlaySight has made a major push into the multisport facility market over the past few years, and the TBK Bank Sports Complex joins other leading clubs, academies and facilities in the PlaySight network, including the Mamba Sports Academy (Los Angeles), Ripken Baseball (multiple locations), Drive Nation (Dallas) and the Pacers Athletic Center (Indiana).

“We are excited to bring our technology to another one of the nation’s best multisport facilities,” said PlaySight’s Matt Brown. “Our Smart platform has so much to offer facilities like TBK – from monetizing live and on-demand sports content, to enhanced digital and social media marketing opportunities, to giving coaches and athletes the best tools to perform better, practice smarter, and ultimately enjoy their sport or activity at a higher level.”