What is the Instant Replay feature?

Instant Replay allows coaches or referees to view videos instantly without interrupting recording.
The coaches and referees can pull videos of a session currently being recorded, from the PlaySight SmartCourt Computing Unit (SCU) locally via Wi-Fi and display it on their mobile devices (iOS and Android), to show a replay of a specific move, or review a decision of the referee in previous plays.

What are the requirements for Instant Replay to function?

The Wi-Fi network used on the mobile device running the PlaySight app needs to allow a local connection from the mobile device to the PlaySight SCU via port 80, and the SSID needs to be from the same network/VLAN as the PlaySight SCU.
This Wi-Fi SSID also needs to have internet access to allow the mobile app to authenticate the user during login. A strong Wi-Fi signal is very important for optimal performance of this feature.

contact support@playsight.com and let us know which SSID you are using.