PlaySight captures the commentator audio through the local network and embeds with the court/field audio and video for recording and streaming.

the commentary kit includes:
Unassembled Kit 2Commentators1920 1200X900 1 Https://

A. XLR cable connected to the Playsight mixer
B. Mixer for commentators and power cable
C. PL cable
D. Headphone Splitter for multiple commentary inputs + power cable
E. headsets
E.1 microphone output (XLR) + E.3
E.2 headphone input (PL) + E.4

how to connect:

Assembled 2 1200X900 1 Https://

  1. Connect the XLR cable (A) to the STEREO OUTPUT on the mixer.
  2. Connect the PL cable (C) to phones on mixer.
  3. Connect the end-piece to the INPUT on the headphone splitter
    XLR headset
  4. Connect the XLR cable to: 1 / L MIC line on mixer
    The second commentator must connect to the 2 / R MIC / LINE
    PL helmet (E.2)
  5.  Connect the PL to input 1 on the headset splitter.
  6. Connect the mixer (B) to the power socket.

Button settings:

Settings Default 1 Https://

Red arrow = not active // Green arrow = active
Each button must be adjusted to the position as shown in the image on the left

To mute a commentator during broadcast, DO NOT use the LEVEL button (F).
press the PAD button (G) (pressed button= muted, unpressed to restore sound).

Mute Https://

Now your kit is set up, you can start commentating!