PlaySight grabs data from the scoreboard controller, then passes it to the PlaySight SCU in real-time.
We then create a digital scoreboard overlay and embed it on the live video of the streaming camera. Based on the same data, we automatically generate events tagging in real-time, and scoreboard information is perfectly
synced with the video.

The ScoreBot is a POE device and needs two physical connections:
1. A POE connection on the same network as the PlaySight SCU.
2. A serial connection to the scoreboard controller (which are included with
the device).


  • Connect the ScoreLink to the network via POE
  • Connect the ScoreLink to the scoreboard controller using the serial cable provided with the device
  • Make sure the ScoreLink is connected to the same network as the PlaySight computer
    • They need to be on the same subnet, for example.
  • Contact the PlaySight Support at team once the ScoreLink is properly connected to test the integration